Go-Bag v2.0 - Hudson’s Hill
Go-Bag v2.0 - Hudson’s Hill
Go-Bag v2.0 - Hudson’s Hill
Load image into Gallery viewer, Go-Bag v2.0 - Hudson’s Hill
Load image into Gallery viewer, Go-Bag v2.0 - Hudson’s Hill
Load image into Gallery viewer, Go-Bag v2.0 - Hudson’s Hill

Go-Bag v2.0

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Our Go-Bag got an update!  The Go-Bag v2.0 folds into its own pocket for easy, and optimal storage, offering storage capacity of 3-4 full plastic grocery bags.  Packs down into exterior pocket for ease of storage in a purse, cargo pocket, car door or center console.  The goal of making this bag is to produce an economy-priced product with features that enable it to maintain maximized durability.  Bartacks at pocket and side seam stress points, Box "X" stitched handle mounts, double and triple seamed in places for improved durability, interior pointed corners stitched down for shape.  

It comes in two options:

V2.0R(10") -- R stands for regular length.  This option has a standard "coal tote" handle length, for carrying below the waist with a hand grip, so as to not scuff the bottom on terrain.

V2.0L(20") -- L stands for longer length.  This option has a standard "tote bag" handle length, for carrying on or over the shoulder, with a drop enabling an elbow to scoot through while on the shoulder.  

In our efforts to constantly both curate and produce useful items, we maintain our store's decade-long philosophy of "Goods With Purpose."  One of the first versions has been field tested by one of our staff's parents for 3 years, and it is only beginning to show any signs of use or wear.

Lastly, although this is not a product constructed entirely of cotton or leather, we will honor a Lifetime Warranty for rips and repairs.  Find a better deal anywhere!  We dare you.



-1970's NOS Military OD #7 Class 1 1.25" cotton webbing handles

-100% Cotton 1/4" gridded rip-stop pocket

-1970's NOS Nylon Taffeta Flight Jacket body

-Tex-30 OD #7 and Toboggan (Safety Orange) D-Core Thread w/ 14spi for pick-proofing and seam durability

-Constructed using a Singer 241-12 single needle, Merrow AD-4A 3-thread overlock, and Singer 69-8 bartack in Greensboro, NC from start to finish.



-Open:  18" L x 13" W x 6" D

-Packed: 7.5" L x 7" W x 1.5" D

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