Our Holiday Gift Guide for 2022


This year, like the past few, has had its ups and downs, but who doesn't love a great chance to both share home-cooked meals and thoughtful gifts with family, friends, partners, and loved ones.  We do our best to curate, produce, and collaborate to make useful things that can be cherished, and like to think of the items we carry as thoughtful gifts, or Goods With Purpose. So, we put together a hit-list of items throughout the store, to better help those who can't come in-person see what kind of variety we offer of quality-made, USA made goods and wares.  

Hudson's Hill Holiday Gift Guide 2022


Field Notes Journals 3-Pack Multi

#1 Field Notes Journal 3-Pack

We have been carrying Field Notes Journals since Winter 2012, and they have been a customer favorite since we brought in!  We love the Multi-Pack, where you can get one graph, one ruled, and one blank craft-bound journal, as well as the Expedition, which has bleed-proof pages and a safety orange cover for hi-visibility. 

Simple.  Inexpensive.  Worthwhile.  


Price:  $12.95 + Tax (and Shipping)

Hudson's Hill GSO Arched Twill Sweatshirt

#2 Greensboro Arched Twill Sweatshirt

These sweatshirts have been a customer favorite best-seller since we first embroidered a batch and brought them in!  The thing we love most about these is Bayside USA's signature fleeced interior, so the cotton knit is soft as a cloud the first time you put one on, and they have a roomy, classic fit, so you don't have to worry about them being too slim in the torso or short in the sleeve.  Did I mention we embroider these ourselves right here at the Stitch-FX Workshop in Greensboro?  Since 1993, Stitch-FX has been producing custom corporate promotions and running screenprinting and embroidery specialty business right here in Greensboro.  We like to think these support two locals businesses

Old-School. Classic.  Timeless.  


Price:  $78 + Tax (and Shipping)



Gitman Vintage Brown Melange Shaggy Flannel


#3 Gitman Vintage Brown Melange Shaggy Flannel

One of the newest brands and items to hit the shop!  We have been searching for the right shirt line to bring into the shop, and Gitman Brothers' line of small batch, deadstock fabric shirts has had our attention for a while, so we pulled the trigger and brought in an array of gorgeous cotton flannels.  Whether you're looking for a casual layer, or a casual Friday work-appropriate button down for these cooler months, this is it.  Plus, as one of the oldest shirt making businesses in the US, it's a brand you can trust.  S-2XL.

Year-Round Layering. Comfy.  Casual.  


Price:  $255 + Tax (and Shipping)

Warp Ragg Sock

#4 Warp Ragg Socks (7-Ply)

These 100% cotton Ragg socks are the perfect gift for a denimhead who has it all needs NO MORE pairs of jeans.  Plied in Hickory, NC and knit just for us in Lexingon, NC on old Ragg machines, they're made with cotton warp yarn dyed using the IndigoZERO foam dye process.  These socks are comfy in casual shoes as well as boots, provide a pop of color as a sock option, and they fade like jeans.  Soak them in a bowl 2-3 times and rinse prior to first-wear, or they'll crock and turn everything blue they touch.  We left them that way to add a touch of DIY, and because some denimheads like the idea of them bleeding blue all over a pair of natural low tops or leather boots.  7-Ply is best for cooler 3 seasons. Fits M8-12 / W9+

Wardrobe Staple. Ages Beautifully.  Useful.


Price:  $36 + Tax (and Shipping)

 Sydney Hale Candle

#5 Sydney Hale Candle

A few years ago, as in a half a decade, we found the end-all candle to bring into the shop.  Here we are, years later, carrying the same scents from the same brand.  We can't get enough and it seems neither can you.  Sydney Hale is a brand from Virginia that makes beautiful scents that provide long burn time for extended use.  Personally, I like to just leave one with the cover off in a room with a ceiling fan a few weeks before burning it.  It effuses this lovely, super subtle scent that is reaaaal niiiiice, Clark.  

Soothing.  Natural.  Clean.


Price:  $34 + Tax (and Shipping)

Mister Freedom Frontier Ranch Blouse

#6 Mister Freedom Frontier Ranch Blouse

The perfect non-denim jacket.  Two of the most complementary fabrics meet:  brown corduroy with tan duck.  This canvas jacket is constructed beautifully, and will provide years of use, if not decades.  Mister Freedom has become a staple in our store over the last two years, and we love they have started making their famous Ranch Blouse in a Mount Vernon Mills' Georgia Duck (the same fabric that is used in USA-made Carhartt overalls).  S36(S)-44(XL)

Rugged.  Classic.  Iconic.  


Price:  $450 + Tax (and Shipping)


Waterproof Canvas Coal Bag

#7 118 Products Waterproof Canvas Coal Bag

Recently we had a customer ask us if these were for fashion.  Our reply:  the absolute opposite.  When we researched Coal Bag patentable construction, we found old advertisements of portly fellows standing while being carried in a coal bag, which we found fascinating.  So, we tried to do our best.  Heavy cotton stitching, nos waterproof World War II foul weather rubberized canvas, and heavy duty military cotton webbing handles.  There are numerous color options made using waterproof fabrics and untreated colors of duck canvas, for those seeking a color other than OD #7.  By the way, 118 Products is our internal way of denoting that it's made by us here in Greensboro at our workshop, so we make these in-house!  

Uncompromising.  Function Forward.   


Price:  $365 to 400 + Tax (and Shipping)

RW Iron Ranger Briar Oilslick 8111

#8 Red Wing Iron Ranger

We've been carrying Red Wing Heritage for several years, and we have all wear-tested pairs with much satisfaction.  Giving a pair of these boots as a gift is giving something that can be worn every day and serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.  I really love the gifts that aren't just put on a shelf or in a drawer and used twice a year;  the gifts that you pick up, adorn yourself with, lace, button, or zip up every day are the ones that I find most meaningful.  Iron Rangers are by far our favorite of the heritage line, and these colors are rich and supple, and only get better with age.  S8-12

Trusted Quality.  Bygone, Durable Design. 


Price:  $349 + Tax (and Shipping)

Palo Santo Bundle

#9 Palo Santo

We've carried Palo Santo for several years, but longer than that it has been a household staple for us.  The fragrant sticks are natural incense when burned, and effuse a lovely scent that can serve as a room sage, soul purifier, deodorizer, or shower enhancer.  Sold by the bundle.

Natural.  Basic.  Easy.


Price:  $10 + Tax (and Shipping)

Misc Goods Co Stone Incense Holder

#10 Misc. Goods Stone Incense Holder

Who doesn't love a good tchotchke, especially if it has a function.  These beautifiul stone bases make a great place to burn either incense cones or sticks, and look good while doing so!  This is a great gift to pair with a pack of incense cones or sticks, sold separately.

Earthen.  Aromatic.  Modest.


Price:  $48 + Tax (and Shipping)

Hudson's Hill Storefront Tee

#11 HH Storefront T-Shirt

We have always loved the souvenir tees from places like Sanitary Restaurant and Howard's Pub, and meanwhile been both enchanted and haunted by the old building which we call home.  It made absolute sense to us to create a shirt that immortalizes the beautiful, historical Coe Grocery & Seed Company building that we have occupied for a decade.  Printed by us at Stitch-FX on a Bayside USA pocket tee that has a beefy 100% cotton.  

Barebones.  Comfort.  Baselayer.  


Price:  $33 + Tax (and Shipping)

Hudson's Hill x SSW 4-Panel Adjustable Cap

#12 HH x SSW 4-Panel Adjustable Cap

We've been working with Pennsylvania-based Stockbridge Sewing Works for several years.  Our relationship with Norma and her husband has grown, and we expect we may see her during the holidays as she passes through town, a sign that we put people before product, just like our mentors taught us to do.  The caps she makes for us use a varity of our own deadstock fabrics, along with her thoughtful and durable construction and trims.  Our caps are made in the most durable fashion, and are available in many desireable color options, both solid colors and also prints and in denim.  Our favorite right now is the red, which will fade beautifully into a vintage shade after some long days on the beach, out in the yard, and proper care.  

Bygone.  Adjustable. Serviceable.  


Price:  $72 + Tax (and Shipping)


 HH x Hardenco 006

#13 HARDENCO x HH 006 Jeans 

Hardenco hands-down makes the best bang-for-the-buck USA made jeans using the most classic techniques.  These 006 relaxed fit jeans were made with triple needle construction, lined pockets, and deadstock White Oak Cone brown 3/1 denim.  This is the ideal gift for the one who has too many pairs of blue jeans.  

Unique.  Unsurpassed Quality.  


Price:  $300 + Tax (and Shipping)


 HH Hiker Backpack

#14 HH Hiker Backpack

Based on an original A&F backpack from the 1930's, this simple hiker backpack is made of bomb-proof materials, and with all of the stitch lines and hardware as found on the original example in our archive.  This is perfect for a student or professional wanting subtle flare and durable wear.  Made by us, in small batches, on antique industrial machines in our 118 workshop.

Sleek.  Neutral.  Utilitarian.


Price:  $168 + Tax (and Shipping)


 GV Moleskine Shirt

#15 Gitman Vintage Sunrise Stripe Moleskin Flannel Shirt

We love these new pieces from Gitman Vintage so much we had to put two in our gift guide.  These plaids are bright and vibrant, but feel soft and fuzzy wuzzy.  Think a pajama shirt that can be worn to a business meeting.  This is the one you get dad and he wears til it has ink stains in the pocket and fraying on the collar fold.  

Vibrant.  Cozy.  Beloved.


Price:  $245 + Tax (and Shipping)


 HH Wool Beanie

#16 HH Wool Beanie

If Bert Kreischer wears his religiously, so should you!  Our Mil-Spec beanies are USA made, and come in both wool and acrylic color options.  These are the type of product that you're always glad to find in your coat pocket, bag, or backseat, and they wear in, not out.  This is THE perfect stocking stuffer.  

Warm.  Go-To.  Staple.  


Price:  $28 + Tax (and Shipping)



If you've made it this far, you might as well keep reading...


Honorable Mentions:

Mister Freedom Bison Ranch Blouse

Opie Way Footwear Sneakers 

Daneson Toothpicks

HH Dad Cap

Gate City Vanity Plate

Horseshoe Knife

Greater Greensboro Bear Hunt T-Shirt

Railcar Fine Goods Denim Detergent

HH Beer Jacket '22


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