Artist Spotlight: Susan Ridenour of Pinch Pot Pottery

Susan Ridenour is the longest-standing vendor of our store.  Her works are made at her studio in downtown Greensboro at 205 Collaborative, mere blocks away from the store.  For years, Susan has come in regularly and rotated out pieces on our shelves, restocked before First Fridays and major holidays, and been the most consistent and active vendor we have had.  

In the past few years, we have collaborated with Susan on specific colorways for the shop, and even worked together with her and another artist, Josie Vogel, to create a set for ramen, including a bowl, chopsticks, and a spoon.  

Susan has been a potter for 14 years, with an aesthetic that creates "functional, comfortably designed products."  Her items have a relaxed appearance, are minimal-essential in detail, and she prefers to produce items that capture the gesture of the potter's hands.  The magic of her hands is captured in clay for the user to admire and cherish.  
The food-safe glazes Susan uses are hand-mixed and fired in her electric kiln in her home studio.  The SR logo is inspired by a trip her son took to Mali, which he brought back a gift of a piece of jewelry with the same initials as hers on it, which appealed to her and has since inspired her to articulate into use on her products.  
Here's an excerpt from our interview with Susan in 2020, that I've always enjoyed re-reading:
"From the moment I centered clay for the first time, in 2001, it was what I was going to do from then on. I was trained at Art Alliance of Greensboro, Penland School of Craft and Arrowmont. My pots are built in my home studio. The pots are made of Standard Ceramics Dark Clay #266 and fired in my electric kiln. I am inspired by the human connection that can be fostered by ceramic vessels. Pottery vessels are a means to bring sustenance to mind and body and to share what you have with others for their sustenance. I prefer glazes that let the clay body show through. The colors are inspired by nature.  "

Her prices are more than reasonable, and entirely handmade, so no two are exactly alike.  She is exactly what we try to be as a retailer; fair and just pricing for well-made things is a must.  

Thank you for working with us for a decade, Susan!

You can follow Susan on Instagram here.

You can learn more about Susan's artwork and involvement in the art community here.


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