Artist Spotlight: River Takada-Capel of RivTak


North Carolina is home to many textile and apparel companies, large and small, so we would like to kick off our series of blog entries with a spotlight on River Takada-Capel, owner of RIVTAK, who is a Durham-based textile artist with a multitude of talents.



For the last three years, River has collaborated with us to produce one-of-a-kind garments that she tie dyes using a special ice cube technique.  These articles have ranged from tees to coveralls, and include carpenter jeans, World War II US Navy crackerjack whites, and even a few vintage button down shirts. 



We recently released our newest iteration of tie dyed garments over the last two weeks, including two different runs of US-made, radically transparent tees from our NC neighbor, Burlington's very own TS Designs, and their Solid State Clothing brand.  



River has always been an artist we have admired, stemming from both her expertise in indigo dyeing techniques, which is a culturally relevant field of study for hers given her Japanese-American ethnicity, and combined with her savvy ability to upcycle and reuse materials, a core pillar for true sustainability that breathes much-needed fresh air into the apparel industry.  River was born in Tokyo, Japan, and rasied in Carboro, NC, and has an educational background in textile fibers.  



RIVTAK is the brand under which River makes a variety of items that she both wholesales and retails at several shops, markets, and shows.  Not only does River produce items she sews, dyes, and upcycles, she also designs patterns and teaches workshops, in doing so working with two other Durham-based businesses, Spoonflower and Freeman's Creative.  

If you are interested in learning more about River Takada-Capel and RIVTAK, follower her in Instagram here.

If you are interested in attending one of her upcoming workshops, visit her website here.

Thanks for your friendship in business and life, River.  Artists and local talents like you are what drive our business, and we look forward to working together on many more projects in the future!


Hudson's Hill

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