Artist Spotlight: Joey Seawell of SEAWELL / BLACK

If you've ever wondered how we capture, or rather who captures some of the most amazing (our opinion) photographs of garments, subtle details of products, and creates artistic arrays of runs of unique items we curate for our store, then you'll have to ask expert photographer and inspirational art director, Greensboro-based Joey Seawell.  

Joey has been a friend of Hudson's Hill since we first met 8 years ago, prior to our first major opportunity in media with Our State Magazine, which he shot us for.  

Joey is one of the kindest souls you will ever meet.  He is patient, thanks to two wild young boys, grateful, thanks to his zen and life outlook, and always calm, composed and full of positivity.  Joey is not just a photographer, like most, but instead spends his time building amazing wooden furniture, doing home renovative work, meditating, and traveling extensively throughout the Southeastern states to capture life in various cities.  

Joey is talented because he sees truth through his lens.  He likes to show the details a human eye might miss, prefers to make a simple article of clothing appear more as an art object, and his playful, joyous spirit can be sensed in all of the people he captures in the photographs he takes.  

Not only have we become close friends through the years, gone on trips together, photographed other artists that Hudson's Hill has collaborated with, but we have in the same time become neighbors at Revolution Mill, where one of our owners also has an office, and which is where most of our in-house products are produced, and thus photographed.  

Beyond the camera in studio, Joey is on staff at Revolution Mill, capturing everyday life, events, and the process of the renovative rebirth of the campus.  His studio, which is shared with his business partner and fellow photographer Jon Black under the name Seawell / Black, is frequently rebranded for musical and theatrical events as The Bug House, and concerts and special events have been held in their magical space.

We have been fortunate to capture so many projects with his eye and help, ranging from the relocation of the American Textile History Museum's artifacts that are now exhibited along the halls at Revolution Mill, to trips out to the western part of NC to capture the development of our sneaker collaboration with Opie Way, and so much more in between, just to name a few.

We are grateful that someone like Joey, who spends the majority of his calendar shooting big brands has become such a close friend, mentor, yoga instructor, and anchor pic snapper for the shop.  Thank you, Joey.  

You can follow Joey on Instagram here.

You can check for the next musical performance at The Bug House here.


Hudson's Hill 

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